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#11 Jeffrey Henrick

# 11 Jeffrey Henrick

Sponsor: Lismar Financial

Birth Date: 11/20/97

Hometown: Orangeville

Played Since: Age 4

Position: Defense

Shot: Left

Height: 6'    Weight: 190lbs

School: The Ohio State University

Nickname:   Turkey

Minor Organization: Northmen

Favourite Game Day Meal: 6 inch turkey sub

Favourite Lacrosse Memory: Winning Midget 'A' Gold

Game Day Ritual: Watch War on the Floor

Favourite Band - Black Sabbath

Favourite Pump Up Song: Money for Nothing

Favourite Movie: Lord of the Rings

Lacrosse Role Model: Josh Sanderson, Jim "Scoop" Veltman

The Athlete I Respect Most Outside Of Lacrosse - Peyton Manning

Favourite Thing To Do In Spare Time - Hunt

Any Superstitions - seating arrangement, Davis Neal tape job, same order heading out to the floor

Coach That Influenced You The Most - Brodie Merrill pushed me to be the player I am today

Who strings your sticks? - Myself

Current Job Title - Landscaper

Favourite Pizza Combo - Pepperoni and Bacon